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My Favourite Things

The first published book of work from Rhyan Paul.

A collection of 80 colour photographs taken in London, Toronto, Miami, Brussels and Milan from 2015 - 2018.

Rhyan Paul ©2018 

Sold Out


Little Black Book

The "Little Black Book" is an A-Z of street images taken in Valencia during the summer of 2019. Featuring 52 images with text in Spanish & English. 

Rhyan Paul ©2019

Sold Out



Photographs taken in Ibiza during the 2020 lockdown. 80 images reflecting the "New Normality" of correctly and incorrectly wearing a face mask.

Rhyan Paul ©2020

Sold Out

Perros Y Humanos

The beautiful dogs of Ibiza and their characterful humans. The proceeds from all sales go to Sa Coma dog sanctuary.

Rhyan Paul ©2021

Limited copies available

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