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This is me...

I dropped out of school in 1989 and proudly told my parents I was going to work in the music industry and become a photographer. To say they were unimpressed is an understatement.

I moved to Nottingham and opened a studio in Hyson Green - all of a sudden a whole new world presented itself to me. 

I was soon involved in the fledging Jungle and DnB scene and working not only as a photographer for magazines, producing album and promotional photography, but also promoting my own events and creating decor for nightclubs.

In 1996 I moved to Miami, where I spent many years managing clubs, my own events and working hard as a photographer. In 1999 I bought Goldie over to DJ for us and in 2002 I returned to the UK and ending up managing Goldie and his label - Metalheadz.

Then in 2006 I moved to Ibiza to take the position of Promotions Director for Armada at Amnesia and spend two years documenting the music scene of the Balearics.


Changing direction in  2008 we set up Back2You in the UK - helping new bands and artists into the industry and focusing on mental health and the sometimes toxic culture that surrounds it. Im still proud of some of the artists who came through B2Y!

When Brexit was announced in 2016 we decided to move back to Spain permanently, all funding for our youth programs and mental health awareness was pulled. My photography was now focused on social awareness and sub culture.

I continued consulting for bands, labels and clubs until Covid hit. That was a rough two years - not only financially and mentally but also because my entire archive of slides, negative and digital backups from 1989 to 2018 was mistakenly destroyed in the UK.

I took me a long time to get over this - but in 2022 I decided that my passion was still there along with now only memories - so I sorted my shit out and got back out there.

2023 has been one of the best years for me in a long time - back out there doing  what I enjoy most - photographing and working with bands and artists

During my career I have photographed missiles for British Aerospace, record boxes in ray machines for album covers, Michelin chefs setting fire to kitchens, rocks stars doing what they do best, supercars, (not so) superstars, toured with music legends, produced three photography books and have seen my work published worldwide.

When not photographing or working with bands, I also undertake commercial and documentary commissions. 

My life isn't exciting, so that's about it.........

Feedback from bands:

The Poison Boys 

"Rhyan was super friendly and easy to work with. Awesome vibe and a total rocker at heart. Not to mention takes stellar photos! Would recommend him 100%"


"The photos Rhyan took from us at the Peter Rock Club were spectacular, and especially the speed of the Quick Edit. Thanks to people like him, small bands have a little more visibility."

Ukelele Zombies

"Thanks a lot - fucking great pics!'

Guy Chadwick / The House Of Love

"Amazing photos, really incredible  - thank you Rhyan Paul." 

Mike Dyer /GrandSlam

"Lovely photos and great to meet you Rhyan Paul - let’s ave it!"

The Giant Robots

"Rhyan captured the exact feeling of the great time we spent on stage at Wàchina Wàchina Fest 2023 in Valencia. This gig ended our one week tour in Spain and was its highlight : great pictures of an excellent moment with a very fun Spanish crowd!"

The VooDooms

"Great photos - thank you Rhyan!"

Segismundo Toxicómano 

"We didn't knew Rhyan work 'till the Llos Festival, when we first saw his photos. He really catches the essence and strengh of our band playing live. Really like his work!"

The Primitives

"Great photos from our set at Visor fest - thanks Rhyan Paul!"

Prozac Soup 

"Capturing the essence of electrocore music is not an easy task, but Rhyan gets it and shoots it accurately. Through his camera Rhyan has been able to showcase our intensity on scenarios, making them eternal. He has captured the engagement with our audience perfectly and we are looking forward to meeting him again!"

The Chameleons

"Amazing photos and interview. Thanks Rhyan!"

Las Gonadas

"The ability to capture the essence and energy of the bands using black and white is truly exceptional. Each image evokes a unique and timeless atmosphere, revealing the passion and intensity of music in its purest form. Your talent for immortalizing those moments is impressive." 

Stephen Holt Samuels / Inspiral Carpets

"I'm truly honoured to be a part of your amazing journey & story. Great photos - thank you!"


No Konforme

"Thank you very much for the amazing photos. You have captured the magic in every shot. A big hug and thank you very much!"


"Thank you Rhyan for your photos, you captured our essence live, and that's what we as a band value as special photos. Thank you for your sensitivity and generosity."

The Art Of Butchery

"Thank you Rhyan Paul for these photos - thank you 1000%"

Wáchina Wáchina Festival

"What great photos! Thank you Rhyan!​"

Cesar Strawberry / Def Con Dos

"Thank you so much for the awesome photos!"

Santo Negro

"Rhyan your work is pure art, we love the photos!! Thank you very much."

Aubrey Eels & The Baron 

"Rhyan knows his stuff, is easy to work with and totally understood our vision for our album artwork."

Metal Orange Club

"Thank you for your tremendous work. you captured the passion, dedication and good vibes that was lived that night - you are very very great!!"

The Crawlies

"Rhyan is always down at the front to capture the energy of the band. His beautiful black & white photographs are just awesome!"

Rhyan Paul
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